New Doctors in Education Management

July 27, 2019
Carlsbad, California

It is our pleasure to announce that three of our Travel Grant awardees have completed their Doctorate in Education Management. Dr.Lety Banks, Executive Director of Abako, was chosen as the Godmother for the Graduating class 2019 at the Centro Universitario Villavicencio in Cuernavaca, Mexico. From Agra, India, Dr. Banks sent her heartfelt congratulations to be read at the ceremony. Abako Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the celebration of a great accomplishment and will continue to support these exceptional educators. 

"This doctorate is an experience that marks a before and after in my professional and personal life. Doubt, discrimination, and unemployment led me to this goal, and it has allowed me to contribute new knowledge for the transformation and change in the education quality of my country." Dr. A. Ruelas

"This doctorate is another accomplished goal in my life. It was not a comfortable journey, but I was able to face and overcome challenges and finish it. In Education Management, we need to create networks of collaboration between institutions, doctors, teachers, and students to improve education." Dr. U. Olivares

"This doctorate is the most enjoyable challenge I have had because it allowed me great experiences: travel to conferences, publish my texts, and do research with experts. I am the same person, but my commitment to my students, my colleagues, and my country have grown." Dr. F. Sotelo